Monday, January 31, 2011

Master Bedroom - January 2011

We made some small updates to the master bedroom. The biggest update is the addition of a rug. It has an oversized paisley pattern.

And now there's art above the bed. It doesn't really match the bedroom. I love the indigo with the green, but everything else is in browns, so it's discordant. I just wanted to get an idea on the scale. I'm thinking maybe Vincent van Gogh's Irises, Saint-Remy c.1889 or Sunny Meadow in Arles, c.1890 or Wheatfield and Mountains c. 1889. It took me a really long time to appreciate Vincent's work, but now I really love it.

Oh, I can't forget that we also now have matching nightstands. I could never find affordable nightstands that suited our style and had drawers. Some of the really cheap-looking ones weren't even that cheap. Then I saw this post, and I figured that would work out great. Of course, ours look nothing like hers, but the stain helps tie in our fabulous vintage dresser and the metal knobs tone down the country vibe.

We went antique shopping in Waco this past weekend and walked away with a few things. One being the antlers holding all my necklaces above my nightstand. I know, I know, it's macabre, but hey, I'm from Texas (the antlers are actually from Alabama though). The wooden plaque had seen better days, so I painted it grey. I also painted the lamps white (previously they were red) but now I'm thinking I want to paint them grey to better match the silver shades. My husband likes the white and gave me a frowny face when I suggested the color change to him. We will see.

We also purchased this awesome cross-stitch of an Egyptian jeweled scarab on linen. I love it. I also love these cross-stitch samplers as well.

The rest of the room hasn't really changed much.


Eve Trombley said... [Reply to comment]

I love how peaceful your room is. The rug is beautiful.

Jaimie said... [Reply to comment]

@Eve TrombleyThanks! We got the rug at Garden Ridge, surprisingly.