Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Living Room.

It's pretty bare. The minimalist in me likes it, but it does read kind of cold. I still really have no idea what to put above the couch. My husband is afraid that if we put framed art above the couch, people will hit their heads on the glass.

We also need a rug, especially since my senior dog injured her shoulder and has trouble with traction on the hard surfaces (we are currently paying for physical therapy for her, which has worked fantastic but is not exactly cheap). And 8' by 10' rugs are not cheap either. Do I find a rug that picks up the blue in the pillows, or go for something more neutral like grey or brown? I want to use FLOR tiles, maybe in Housepet or Power Nap, since that will be the easiest to clean with all the dogs running in and out.


Eve Trombley said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, this is AllAboutEvelyn from LJ (MH is my home dec blog). I think the minimalism works but agree that you need a little more to warm it up.

I definitely think that a large bold piece over the sofa would work better than a series of frames. And I'm thinking too that your picture rail idea to set frames upon would work over the TV stand... maybe a black rail with a series of black frames set upon it, same size, set same distance apart (I'm envisioning horizontal orientation, maybe three or five 14x11 matted down to 10x8 - number of frames would depend upon how wide your TV stand is). Some gold in the mat (double mat?) might be nice to pick up on the gold mirror if you want to keep it.

As for the rug... what about a mustard shade? I think it would be gorgeous with the blue and the sofa color, and it would contrast well with the coffee table.