Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art on the Living Room Wall.

So, this is a bigger peek at the living room: the wall with the couch. I moved the coffee table out of the way, because it always looks so awkward in photos.

I was tired of the tiny lamps we had been using (and the fact they did not match stylistically at all).

I wasn't able to find affordable vintage lamps, so we bought new lamps from IKEA. I like them. They are simple, modern, and cheap. I want to add more of the blue-violet, as well as teal, turquoise, and possibly lime, in the way of throw pillows and art and a floor rug.

The art was stuff we just had lying around. I would prefer to get a new mat for the horse print, in blue. But for now it's nice to just have something up on the wall. I'm sure I'll take it down at some point. I've been contemplating two picture rails, the length of the sofa, to set art on instead.