Sunday, April 21, 2013

Race to the Finish Line.

Poor neglected blog. I just don't have a lot of motivation to wrote posts, for a few of reasons.

There's the fact that the internet is inundated with design blogs, and while I never really intended to be a full-time blogger, I've become somewhat jaded with the whole blogging thing as a result.

Then there's the fact that I've been super busy applying for grad school (I was accepted, yay!) and trying to finish up my project at work before I leave.

Added to that, we are moving so I can be closer to campus.

Soooo, I have been finishing up projects around the house in preparation for moving out. I love the house, but I've started to emotionally divorce myself from it. It's somewhat liberating to be making these updates that I'm not going to be living with long-term, because I want it to look nice but it doesn't need to suit my personal taste.

So here's the To Do list:

Replace faucet and broken soap dispenser in kitchen
Plants for raised bed garden
Finish painting inside trim white
Touch up exterior paint
Paint front door
Paint back door
Repair flooring in master closet
Replace faucets/pop-ups in bathrooms
Repaint kitchen
Repaint master bathroom
New satin nickel toilet paper holder for master bathroom
Replace light fixture in master bathroom
Replace light covers in closets
Move old light fixture from master bathroom to laundry room
Clean grout through out house
Repair shed door
Touch up paint on shed
Stain bathroom cabinetry espresso
Fix rotted eave
Organize garage
Repair torn window screens
Clean and paint air vents
Remove knife racks in kitchen
Remove cat shelves
Trim large oak tree
Patch hole in laundry room ceiling
Replace range and dishwasher?
Powerwash patio?