Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Break To Do, 2011

So I didn't do too great on my last to-do list, but I blame that on the fact that I started working in a research lab on campus, while taking full-time classes, and dealing with my totally insane but adorable foster dog Slim (who had since been adopted):
Nonstop craziness, all day...
...every day.
200+ photos to finally get a couple in focus. Not exaggerating.
Look at that face. Adorable, but no idea how to get along with other males, and constantly getting into fights with my Davinci and bullying my Goliath. And he peed on EVERYTHING, and then the boys peed on everything again, and it was a vicious cycle of constant urination (thank you, former owner who never got him neutered, that was a lot of fun). Which is why you see him wearing a belly band in the photo above. Because I'm only willing to replace my curtains once.

Anyhow, now for a new list! Hopefully more readily achievable!
  • Repaint the dining room Tempered Gray (the same gray that the rest of the house is painted)
  • Finish fixing the cat stairs
  • Refinish the fireplace
  • Sort and organize all the paperwork in the office (again)
  • Line the back of the office hutch with fabric
And maybe:
  • Replace all the quarter round on the floors
  • Start painting the trim and doors white