Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer 2011 To Do.

This summer, I would like to:
  • Finish painting all the trim and doors white (They are currently this ugly yellow-beige. What would you call that? Beijlow? Whatever, it's hideous)
  • Install shelves on the other half of the laundry room
  • More book storage
  • Restain the bathroom cabinetry an espresso color (And possibly the kitchen, but I'm hemming and hawing over whether I want a dark stain or white paint)
  • Replace the lighting in both bathrooms (well, we got the guest bathroom done at least)
  • Replace the fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen
  • Finish organizing all the boxes of paperwork in the office and make it a usable space
  • Get an estimate for gutters and rain barrels 
    My husband also offered to paint the exterior of the house. It's butter yellow, which is probably my least favorite color in the world.  I also think it makes the white door look really out of place.


    I'm envisioning a sage green or soft brown, or maybe a dove gray, with a creamy white for the trim (maybe black). But do I really wanna spend the money on all that paint? The existing paint isn't in bad condition, except for where the garage door rubbed against the trim and picked up some of the dark teal. And eventually, if we stay here long enough, we want to replace all the wood siding with Hardieplank cement fiberboard siding and redo the insulation, and we'd have to paint again then. But, that's a ways off, and maybe the house will need to be repainted again by that time anyways.