Sunday, November 13, 2011

Master Bedroom, Fall 2011.

Overall, the master bedroom hasn't changed too much. The bed has 'real' art above it, with a frame I stripped and gold leafed. FYI, gold-leaf on a frame with a lot of deep grooves is a PITA. I gave up trying to get total coverage and left some of the wood showing through. We moved the IKEA bookcase into the office, and in its place is the dresser that matches the awesome vanity.

The MM print also moved to the office, replaced by... another MM print! Yes, I am a little bit addicted.

It feels a bit heavy with all the wood, so I want to strip the nightstand drawer fronts and repaint them white to lighten things up a bit and help the bed feel a little more cohesive.

I also hung another print by the hubby's side of the bed with the scarab cross-stitch. This one is Black Bear by Ryan Berkley.

I had to do a lot of fiddling with the camera settings to get these photos, and there's still a bit too much noise and a yellow overcast. I guess if I want to be serious I need to invest in a DSLR. And real photo editing software. Ah well, good enough for now.


Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said... [Reply to comment]

Great room! Love the West Elm headboard. No wonder you like my DIY'd desk - really has the same feel as your headboard, esp. in white.