Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Office.

The office has actually been organized for awhile, but I was waiting to take photos until we built the printer table, which was the last thing. Well, actually, I still need a proper chair too. That stool isn't exactly comfy. I have a couple folding chairs that I've been considering painting and upholstering, like this.

The shelves are the IKEA Lack ones we originally had in the dining room for the cat shelves. We still need to replace those with stud-mounted shelving for her.

To keep the desk uncluttered I bought the bar with the hanging cups at IKEA to hold all my pens and scissors and such. It looks nice, I just wish they had other colors available. I'd like to get a plant to put in the white ceramic cup. Maybe a tillandsia.

I based the printer table off this design, but with my own dimensions. It turned out well and was basically free. My husband had some MDF boards he got for free at work, and we already had paint, wood glue and nails. The only thing we bought was some wood filler to cover the nail holes. I'm thinking of doing another smaller one as a nightstand in the guest bedroom.

We originally had the Expedit bookcase in our master bedroom, but I needed more clothing storage in there and more book storage in the office so we moved the bookcase in here and the little dresser that matches the vanity from the guest bedroom to the master. I'm not totally loving the bookcase in here, but it's functional. Maybe it will grow on me.

And of course there's the buffet that matches our dining set which I'm using as a bookcase. It's gorgeous and massive and this was the only place we could fit it. I can't imagine trying to move it again. I've thought about adding some sort of patterned wallpaper or fabric to the back of it to add some contrast.

Oh, and that's my collection of Breyer horses on top of the buffet. I had them on the top shelf of our linen closet in the master bathroom but my husband thought it was very creepy to have them all "looking at him" when he would get a towel. He still thinks they are creepy in here, and keeps suggesting I put them in the attic. I told him to suck it. The cat likes to jump from the bookcase to the top of the buffet, so I'll have to secure them with museum putty.

And here's the before when it was the previous owner's preteen daughter's room: