Friday, July 23, 2010

New Mirror.

Our living room gets an abysmal amount of natural light. I knew I wanted to put a mirror somewhere, but I wasn't quite sure where. Originally I was leaning towards putting a floor length mirror on the short wall next to the fireplace, but then I'd need to find a new home for the trunks that are there now. I asked my husband what he thought, and he preferred above the fireplace instead of next to it.

I found this mirror at IKEA. I would have preferred the silver if they made it in that size, but I do like the antique gold. I think it looks really nice with the vases from West Elm I picked up after cashing in some points from my credit card.

I'm really rather happy with it. The fireplace is not my favorite thing in the house, simply because it's so traditional and we have more of a vintage/modern aesthetic, but I'm hoping once I get everything into the room it will flow better. The living room is far from finished. I need to find some art to hang above the trunks, and over the couch, as well as a rug, and new table lamps. And eventually re-upholstering the armchairs.